„To receive opportunities to create opportunities”

Diversity grows through understanding. Especially the complex themes of our daily interactions need mentors and motors in order to be understood and internalised. Xenophobia, escape and unequal opportunities are still the vocabulary of our reality – these I seek to translate into tolerance, arrival and equal opportunities. Therefore the great common denominator of my projects is the promotion of education in order to create acceptance. Together with a professional and dedicated team, I train Culture Coaches with a learning path for the shaping of integration. With my project Sky Digital School, I bring education to remote places, I provide a forum for role models with the project Zoraia and with the association Afghanistan – Hilfe, die ankommt e.V. (Afghanistan – Aid that gets there) I collect donations for my home country that arrive where they are needed. Aid that gets there entails help for: basic medical care, business start-ups, education and acute humanitarian support.


Everybody is talking about integration nowadays. How difficult this act is for migrants and the local population, often only becomes clear when the project fails in day-to-day life. Language, culture, traditions – from the Orient and the Occident – collide and form a heterogeneous mixture. Many integration commissioners realise then: the language barrier is often the slightest. And this is exactly where “Culture Coaches“ as an transcultural integration project comes into play. A team of migration-experienced mentors develop and further improve the integration process. In this context, Culture Coaches develops didactics and recommended actions – for migrants and the longestablished population – that can be applied to all areas of our daily interactions. With the aim of realising successful integration. No one-way street, but a path in both directions.


Sky is not the limit. We won't be limited by the sky, we use it with the ”Sky Digital School“. How? With approx. 62%, the illiteracy rate in Afghanistan is very high. In spite of the huge progress within the last decade, there are still 3,5 million Afghan children and young people who are excluded from school education. I want to change this via e-learning. Through digital learning and online learning material that is provided through the Zohre Esmaeli Fond. The focus is on children from first to sixth class, who we enable to lead a progressive life through the Sky Digital School. Due to my own experience, I know that education is the vocabulary of a common language. A language of peace, respect and togetherness.
A considerable number of the refugee women are suffering unemployment due to the communication or other obstacles in Germany. Considering their interests and a conducted survey, the nonprofit project Zoraia is planned to lead the women smoothly towards the integration process in a democratic society like Germany. In countries like Afghanistan, women are said to be half home tailors and thus, they are keen in this field. Zoraia is the way through which the refugee women can choose to work in Germany in such a field. The handmade products are fashion and home fashion items. Ultimately, their products will be sold online, via brands and exhibitions. The initiative is launched to provide financial aid, in order to be able to offer to the women German courses and train them to be professional tailors or handicraft women in the future. Zoraia will take its first steps by aiming at women who have been accepted to live in Germany. A group of 20-30 women (the number will raise once progress is made) will be formed. A hall will be considered as a sewing station. The hall will be partitioned in four parts: working area, kindergarten (to look after the workersí children), and the administration and consultation center, which will take care of their needs and of the necessary paperwork. A plan is also drafted to expand the project at European level, as to help other refugee hosting countries.


Since 15 years we have been helping at a private level, since 8 years through the association. As a registered association “Afghanistan – Hilfe, die ankommt (Afghanistan – Aid that gets there)“ stands for personal donations with pinpoint accuracy. We guarantee that the material donations, monetary donations and help for self-help will arrive where they are needed. This is not achieved through complex logistics but through personal contacts and local knowledge. Several times a year, the doctor Najiba Behmanesh from Kreuznach flies to Afghanistan at her own expense in order to locally organise the delivery of aid supplies and the distribution of donations. Help that gets there means help for: basic medical care, business start-ups as well as jobs for women in their own sewing shop, the construction of an own school, the purchase of school equipment and – urgently – humanitarian aid for widows and orphans. Help to help – every donation counts! www.afghanistanhilfe.com
ACCOUNT FOR DONATIONS Afghanistan – Hilfe, die ankommt e.V. Bank: Sparkasse Rhein-Nahe IBAN: DE37560501800017040122 BIC: MALADE51KRE